Waste and Recycling at Primary School Wijzer aan de Vecht

Rieta Aliredjo /// 7 March 20177

Foto: The programme of 7DaysCircular custom made for KSU-Wijzer aan de Vecht in Utrecht.

The first edition of 7DaysCircular has passed. From 13 until 21 March we were guests at the primary school KSU-Wijzer aan de Vecht. In a project week around Waste and Recycling we were invited to fill in a part of the programme with 7DaysCircular. During the afternoons, the pupils of group 6,7 and 8 were taken on a trip through the circular economy. It was nice to be able to add to the understanding about the importance of waste reduction and recycling.  

Where does it come from? Where will it go to?

During day 1 and 2 the kids got familiarised with a few principles from the circular economy. Furthermore we shared the importance of collaboration with them. With our lesson plans ‘the present’ and ‘the closet’ we let kids think about where their stuff comes from and where it will go to. What do they have in their closet, that they perhaps don’t use anymore? And what do you do with that stuff?

To give the pupils a better understanding about how we move from a linear to a circular economy, we worked on ‘the puzzel’ assignment. We asked them to fit the puzzel pieces in such a way that no more resources needed to be taken from nature. 

By the end of day 2 we introduced them to the entrepreneurs that would come on day 4 to give a workshop. The kids could choose who they wanted to help and were asked to work in teams on a ‘circular mission’. 

Conscious consumption and production

On day 3 group 3, 4 and 5 also participated. In two sessions we organised a trading fair. The kids brought books and toys, they didn’t use anymore, had to advertise the product with a description a label and got a ‘KinderKoin’ per item from the teacher. During the trading fair the kids could choose an item for the price of 1 or 2 KinderKoins. Almost all the stuff had found a new owner again!

The kids were put to work on day 4 as well! Divided in 3 workshops with entrepreneurs from HashtagCircular they made bags from old t-shirts, ‘growth tables’ with waste-wood and researched which materials in e-waste can be re-used. On day 3 and 4 the kids got to learn in an active way what it means to consume and produce more consciously. 

Inspire and get inspired on the Eneco Energycampus

Sustainability and circular economy are important societal themes. We want to show kids how companies contribute to these. Together with the team of the Eneco Energycampus we developed a programme, that encouraged kids to think about what is already sustainable at home, what more can be done and how we can make sure these things actually happen.

The visit was a special occasion because the terrain (an energy plant still in use) was made accessible for the first time for a group of kids. A part of the plant was adjusted to allow the kids to enjoy a tour in a safe way. 

On day 5 Eneco inspired the pupils with their vision of the new world and the kids inspired Eneco with their suggestions on a more sustainable home and neighbourhood.  

Share what you have learned

Part of the learning process is to reflect and share. After the weekend when kids could let all the impressions settle down a little, we asked them what they enjoyed the most and what they had learned. The mindset and skill set were tested with the assignment ‘circular island’. How a company makes skateboards from old fishing nets was a nice example to show. 

The week ended with a cartoon drawing workshop. We asked kids to draw the journey of their recycle hero on a leporello (harmonica booklet). Sharing an insight is the ultimate test of what you’ve learned. This way pupils become teachers. 

Thank you KSU-Wijzer aan de Vecht! It was a super fun week!