Education Fairy at symposium Duurzaam Door NMU

Esther de Vries /// 1 June 2017

Do you want to be our Education Fairy? The one to show us the way in the land of education. I was asked this question at the beginning of November and after half a year on Monday the 29th of May I’m standing on a podium to pitch at the symposium ‘Duurzaam Door’, organised by NMU. Slightly outside of my comfort zone I talk in 3 minutes about WarehouseJR and 7DagenCirculair. Way too short of course, there is so much to tell!

Pilot in Utrecht feeds our ambitions

Thanks to the (financial) support of among others the NMU and other stakeholders, we could pilot 7DaysCircular in Utrecht at KSU-Wijzer aan de Vecht. During the pitch and the Break-out session we could present our ambitions. After the first successes we are quite sure, we want to continue! Continue with building the online platform, where kids trade stuff: like on Kingsday, but for a whole year. But we also want to continue with the development of 7DaysCircular. And if it’s up to us, also 3DaysCircular or 5DaysCircular. 

We’d like to continue talks with organisations and schools to tailer make the programme. With the pillars: consciousness, creativity, social skills and entrepreneurial skills we want to introduce young citizens to the circular economy and help them understand it. 

No relationship no result

We collaborated together with IVN on the break-out session. We both presented our programmes to a group of entrepreneurs and employees from NGO’s and government. After a short presentation we had a dialogue on the do’s and don’ts and on how to increase the impact on pupils from primary and secondary education. 

And, as pupils already know, you accomplish more when you work together. No relationship, no result. About a dozen participants of the symposium filled in our card to stay in touch and potentially invest in the next steps. 

Couldn’t join? Read about it here. You can always contact us. We are happy to keep you posted on the progress with WarehouseJR or 7DaysCircular. Together we will continue our journey! Are you in? Find us online on or or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.