First Edition 7DaysCircular in Utrecht

Rieta Aliredjo /// 7 March 2017

Video: A thank you in advance to parties that made 7DC – Utrecht possible

Thanks to the support of ‘Cirkelstad’ and the ‘Natuur en Milieufederatie Utrecht’ (NMU) the first edition of 7DaysCircular becomes reality! In December it was confirmed that within the programme of ‘Duurzaam Door’ of the province of Utrecht we could organise the week of the circular economy at school.

The best way is to learn by playing! It is important kids become aware of the world around them. WarehouseJR contributes to this with it's programme 7DaysCircular.

Maarten van Dongen
Projectmanager NMU

Video: The guest lecturers

All stakeholders unite

Believing in co-creating with our stakeholders becomes apparent with 7DaysCircular. All parties are involved. It began with a financial contribution from NMU obtained via Cirkelstad’s city secretary Rutger Büch. This made it possible to offer the programme with no additional cost to a primary school. After a brief search the match was made with primary school ‘KSU-Wijzer aan de Vecht’. They already had a week of Technology on the agenda, with the subjects waste and recycling. A good match with 7DaysCircular and so we were invited to programme for the 41 pupils from group 6,7 and 8. 

When it became clear the week would take place from 13 until 21 March, the next step was getting guest lecturers and circular entrepreneurs involved to give workshops during the week. An important element of the programme is to inspire the pupils with what takes place in the ‘outside world’. The picture was completed when Eneco Energycampus confirmed to organise a company visit at their location. 

Without teamwork no 7DaysCircular

We don’t only say collaboration is important, we act on it! A whole team of entrepreneurs contributes, partially on a voluntary basis, in the preparation and execution of this first edition of 7DaysCircular.

The entrepreneurs who contribute to this first edition are:

  • Agustina Turchetto (Aeronave Visual)
  • Esther de Vries (Aan de basis, ouders en school)
  • Arnoud van den Heuvel
  • Elena Serrano González (Yo Escribo)
  • Arjen Ulrich
  • Joris Petterson (E-wastearcades)
  • Margreet van Tricht (Upcycled)
  • Rieta Aliredjo (RinetiC-Warenhuisje)
  • Olga Timmer

Update: read here how the week turend out